Day & Night 1500mg CBD Oil set 30ml+30ml

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Day & Night 1500mg CBD Oil set 30ml+30ml

€189,98 €169,99
1500mg CBD oil set for day & night use – 2 bottles of 30ml each. Take care of your well-being...
CBD Oil sets,

1500mg CBD oil set for day & night use – 2 bottles of 30ml each.

Take care of your well-being at all times with our Day & Night CBD oil set. It contains two 30ml bottles, with each of them containing 1500mg of CBD. However, one of them is supplemented with chia seed oil and omega-3 fatty acids to give you energy during the day, while the other has chamomile oil added to it, so you can wind down after a stressful day. This combination could help you to always feel well-rested and ready to take on new challenges! In addition to that, both of them are based on MCT oil. Taking MCT oil may to significantly reduce body weight and waist circumference. Researchers even report that it could help prevent obesity. Product properties for each bottle:

Content: 30ml (~ 1000 drops)
CBD content: min. 5% (1500mg + -5%)
THC content: <0.03%
Active substance content: ~ 0.5 mg Cannabidiol per drop
Bioavailability: ~ 9%
Ingredients: MCT coconut oil, CBD Cannabidiol full spectrum extract, 
Day - Chia Seed Oil / Night - Chamomile Oil


Recommended usage:

Put a few drops under the tongue few times a day. Max two full droppers (20 drops) a day. Leave the oil in your mouth for 1 minute before swallowing. Build up the dose gradually. The optimal dose is different for each individual. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Drink water afterwards if you need help with the taste.

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Frequently asked questions

Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids - a class of diverse chemical compounds that are naturally found in cannabis plants – however, they have very varied effects. While THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis, responsible for the most widely known effects of the plant, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, having a calming effect instead.

CBD products are legal in most European countries, as long as they do not contain substantial level THC (the exact allowed amount can differ from country to country).

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways of using CBD. It is usually made by extracting CBD from cannabis, and then diluting it with another oil – in our case, MCT oil.

No, definitely not. CBD is considered non-psychoactive.

The best way to use CBD oil is to put a few drops under the tongue a few times a day. However, remember not to exceed the recommended dosage indicated in the product description.

While there are still many studies being conducted on the effects of CBD to find out the full scope of its benefits for health and wellbeing, the initial research has already identified several useful properties. Those include relief for chronic pain, treating acne and other skin problems, as well as a calming effect that can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

CBD oil is made from CBD that’s extracted from the cannabis plant, meanwhile hemp oil is made from hemp seeds and contains no CBD whatsoever. It means that, while hemp oil can still be useful for many things, it provides none of the benefits that CBD can provide.

No, CBD oil is intended for internal use only. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of CBD through vaping, look for CBD e-liquids, which are intended for this specific purpose.

CBD e-liquid is like any other vape liquid that’s intended for use in electronic cigarettes, with the exception of having CBD added to it instead of nicotine. The main reason for doing so is that vaping is a convenient and effective way of consuming CBD.

Vaping CBD doesn’t differ much from the process of regular vaping, therefore, it should be used the same way as any other e-cigarette. Meanwhile, when it comes to the dosage, it's advised to start with a smaller dose and then gradually build it up.

No, definitely not. CBD is not known to have any psychoactive effects.

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