As it is known– New Year usually comes with new resolutions and willingness to improve our lives. Even according to January is celebrated as Get a Balanced Life Month. But what is it that we can do different this year to bring wellness in our lives, that would stick through the whole year and develop into healthy habit?

 First, of course, those New Year resolutions associates with healthy lifestyle AKA hitting the gym. For those who has this habit for a long time, January brings only not so good thoughts about newcomers, but, if getting a gym membership is something new to you, we would suggest you to try our CBD Icy-cooling Muscle gel, which helps with sore muscles after a physical activity and in for some people even takes away the pain.

 Also a good night’s sleep is beneficial for well-being, as its importance is irresistible. This is where our CBD Night oil with Chamomile oil comes in. This oil takes away all the stress collected during the day and helps you to fall asleep more easily. More, it helps with insomnia and improves the quality of your so very precious sleep. What could be better that wake up every morning fully energised and ready to start a beautiful day?

And talking about being energised – did you know that in our CBD Day oil there is added Chia seed oil, that is the purest source of energy? That is really something you should think of, considering that January is also the best month to get organized. Furthermore – CBD oil improves memory, and that helps to remember all those important dates that is coming this year.
CBD Day oil, as well as all others, contains MTC oil, which is good for controlling your appetite. No need for dieting – use CBD oil and notice the difference in cravings.

Of course, to celebrate this very New Year and Get A Balanced Life Month, it is not as easy as one would think, but let our products help you. Sometimes, to maintain a balanced life, one would have to quite a quite things to make sure it stays balanced. One of them could be – quitting smoking (also a very popular thing to try to achieve each New Year, isn’t it?). This is the part where our CBD vape liquids could come in help. Learn more by reading our article How To Use CBD To Quit Smoking — Is CBD The Solution?


Although it is not an easy thing to get the motivation for starting a better life, we truly hope that you have the needed determination to improve the quality of your life and you are willing to try new things. In this year we wish you to achieve your goals and at the end of the year to look at it as one of the most successful ones.

And while you still think about the ways you could change your life for the better, remember – Drop changes everything.