As it’s becoming more and more commonly used to improve the quality of people’s daily lives, many have started to wonder – could CBD oil do the same for dogs and cats as well? Therefore, it’s not a surprise that there are countless new CBD products intended for pets popping up on the market. However, as it is with similar products made for humans, it’s helpful to know what are the potential benefits of giving CBD to your dog or cat, which products to choose and how to administer them to your pet, because knowing all of this information will help you use these products to their full potential. That’s why we have created this article, explaining all of the aforementioned things – so keep on reading to find out all you need to know about CBD oil for dogs and cats.

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What are the benefits CBD oil can provide for dogs and cats?
Which CBD products to choose for your pets?
How to administer CBD oil to dogs and cats?


What are the benefits CBD oil can provide for dogs and cats?

This is the most important question when it comes to using CBD oil for dogs and cats, but, unfortunately, no one can give a definite answer to it – at least, as of yet. The reason for that is quite obvious – the society has only recently started to get past the stigma associated with cannabis, finally taking the potential medical benefits of canabidiol seriously. Therefore, there hasn’t yet been a lot of quality research completed on the effects of it. In fact, there’s even less research available about the effects of CBD on animals, than there is about its effects on humans. However, the first studies that have been carried out have produced promising results, and there are new ones currently being conducted, that should help us to find out more.

In addition to that, there’s also anecdotal evidence about the effects of using CBD oil for various ailments in dogs and cats, as numerous pet parents have decided to carefully try it out on their furry friends. If you read testimonies about this topic on various online message boards and blogs, the response is mostly positive. Again, it doesn’t mean that these products have been proven as medicine for animals, however, it does mean that it has some potential at the least, which should be explored further.

In most cases, the reasoning used by pet owners who choose to give CBD oil to their pets is something along the lines of: “If it can help humans, maybe it could also help other mammals”. Therefore, the list of benefits that it can provide for dogs and cats mostly parallels the same list in humans, with the most popular reason for using it being help with anxiety.

In addition to that, other widespread uses include treatment of seizures and epilepsy (this is also the first and, so far, only approved medical application of CBD on humans) and help with chronic pain, like that caused by arthritis. In fact, the study linked above was researching its effectiveness for this exact purpose, finding that CBD oil lessened the pain and increased mobility in 80% of the dogs that took it.

CBD oil benefits for cats

Which CBD products to choose for your pets?

With the wide selection of CBD products to choose from – both for animals and humans – it’s quite hard to figure out which would be the best one for your pet. So, let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind when you choose CBD oil for your cat or dog.

First of all, pay close attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging and find out if all the ingredients are safe for your pet. While canabidiol itself is considered safe for dogs and cats, CBD oil can contain some other ingredients which are perfectly safe for human consumption, but toxic for dogs or cats (we all know the famous examples of chocolate and onions, but there are more). In fact, it’s highly recommended to choose a product that’s specifically made for your pet, because the oil made for humans usually contains a much higher concentration of canabidiol, making it harder to work out the dosage. And, regardless if it’s made for humans or animals, if a CBD product does not have a complete list of ingredients, don’t buy it at all, because any respectable manufacturer would add this information.

It’s also important to mention that you should never give anything that contains THC to your pet because it’s considered to be toxic to animals. Of course, it’s not very likely to happen anyway, because most CBD products do not contain THC, but it’s good to remember this, in case you’re ever in doubt.

All in all, if you have decided to start giving CBD oil for your pet, you should choose it as carefully as if you were choosing it for yourself. And you shouldn’t try to save money on it, as the cheapest option usually isn’t the best one when it comes to these products. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you must spend a fortune on it, but make sure that you choose a quality product with clear ingredients.

Cbd oil for dogs - finding out the right dosage

How to administer CBD oil to dogs and cats?

CBD oil is administered to dogs and cats more or less the same way as it is administered to humans – by ingesting it orally. If your pet tolerates it, just insert the dropper with the appropriate amount into their mouth and squeeze the oil into it. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to chase it with your pet’s favourite treat, to make them even more receptive to the idea. However, as we all know, most dogs and cats aren’t too happy about this method, so you might have to find a way to trick them into taking it. The most popular methods are either soaking a treat with the oil and then giving it to your pet or mixing it into their regular food.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the dosage of CBD oil for cats and dogs, no one really has the right answer, because - again - there isn’t enough completed research on the topic to say for sure. However, the usual recommended dose for animals is 0.05 to 0.5 mg of CBD per kg of body weight. Just make sure that you start with the smaller doses and then gradually increase it, if necessary. And, if you have bought an oil that’s made specifically for cats or dogs, you can follow the dosage instructions that came with the product. It should also be added that it’s probably a good idea to discuss this with your vet, especially if your pet is receiving any medication at the same time.


As you can now see, CBD oil has lots of potential to help cats and dogs live their best life, and, once more research on it has been completed, it might turn out that it has even more benefits than initially thought. However, you shouldn’t look at it as a miracle cure, because, even though canabidiol can be helpful for a lot of things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can cure everything. And it’s also possible that some pets might respond better to it than others. However, if you’re looking for ways how to improve your pet’s quality of life, and you’re considering CBD oil for that, it’s definitely worth a try.